Shore Conference Wrestling


YearDistrict ChampionWgt
2024Marcos KaiafasHwt
2020Jesse Bowers145
2020Jason Sherlock182
2019Jesse Bowers132
2019Jason Sherlock182
2019Liam Buday195
2017Roddy Rupp132
2017Jack Baker182
2016Giancarlo Crivelli152
2013Riley Kelly145
2011Dylan Kelly171
2011Andrew GrossHwt
2006Matt Rega119
2005Justin Barowski152
2004Matt Rega112
2004Justin Barowski145
2004Jon Butler171
2003Matt Rega103
2003Justin Barowski130
2003Jon Butler171
2002Rob Yeager112
2001Jake Butler189
1999Tom Pfister215
1998Jake Cairns152
1998Tom Pfister189
1998Thor MahanHwt
1997Thor MahanHwt
1996Jake Cairns145
1994Jason Cairns145
1993Paul Poitras119
1992Dan O'Cone152
1991Dan O'Cone140
1991Aaron Bosco189
1989Steve Favato189
1984Bruce Fioretti98
1983Bruce Fioretti98
1983Steven Reid167
1983Mike FavatoHwt
1982Mike Vescovi145
1981Mark Fioretti148


3-Time Champions

Justin Barowski

Matt Rega


Mike Vescovi

1982 District Champion Mike Vescovi was named District 22 Coach of the Year in 1990 as head coach of Red Bank Catholic.

He was head coach at Ocean Township from 1993 unti 2000, and would then become a referee as a member of the Shore Conference Chapter.