Shore Conference Wrestling


YearRegion ChampionWgt
2024James LynchHwt
2022Joe McCullough157
2020Michael Conklin132
2019Michael Conklin126
2016AJ Meyers152
2013Richie Lewis138
2012Richie Lewis132
2011Richie Lewis119
2010Bryan Sternlieb171
2009Vinnie DelleFave119
2008Vinnie DelleFave119
2007Vinnie DelleFave112
2007Adam HenigHwt
2006Vinnie DelleFave103
2006Adam HenigHwt
2004Kevin DavisHwt
2003Vin Salek160
2003Kevin Davis215
2002Devin Mesanko152
2002Vin Salek160
2001Devin Mesanko145
2001Vin Salek152
2000Frank Edgar135
1999Frank Edgar130
1999Joe Mormile171
1998Vinny Pedalino112
1997Brett Taylor103
1997Andy Chencharik135
1995Pat McGrath112
1994Pat McGrath103
1990Joe Catalano135
1986Tony Mangione112
1986Tom RiouxHwt
1985Tony Mangione112
1984Tony Mangione98
1982Joe Hadge138
1981Joe Hadge135


Frankie Edgar
2-Time Region Champion

4-Time NCAA Qualifier at Clarion University

120 Collegiate Wins

2-Time State Medalist

2-Time Region Champion

3-Time District Champion

107 High School Wins

Former assistant coach at Rutgers University

Edgar entered the world of MMA with his 1st pro fight in October of 2005.  On April 10, 2010 Edgar captured the UFC Lightweight Championship. He has went on to become one of the all-time greatest lightweights in UFC history.



Joe Hadge
2-Time Region Champion

All-American at Penn State University

2-Time State Medalist

3-Time District Champion

JSIWA Hall of Fame