Shore Conference Wrestling


2023Richard Gomez113
2023Lawrence Liss120
2023Colin Palumbo150
2022Lawrence Liss113
2020Adam Coleman145
2019Kamrin O'Neill120
2017Derrick Wiley170
2017Andrew Conzo195
2014Chris Hartigan170
2011Glenn Cross171
2010Johnny Short125
2009Cesare Antista135
2002Tom Dounelis160
2000Derek VergariHwt
1998Ed Smith160
1997Justin Haskins152
1997Ed Smith160
1996Shane Wernersblach103
1996Justin Haskins145
1994Matt Dix112
1994Brian Smith189
1993Brian Smith189
1991Andy Lasko152
1989Ray DeSimone160
1984Freddy Pitts122
1983Ken Mooney135
1982Tom Grifa148
1981Ricky Dean115
1980Lou Elwell170
1979Jim JeffcoatHwt
1978Jim Schank122
1978Andy Jackson148
1978Lorrin Herbert158
1978Jim JeffcoatHwt
1977Percy Richardson148
1975Robbie Geran122
1975Mark Goodrow129
1975Gary WeberHwt
1972Charlie Hearn130
1972Mickey Deitz136
1971Mickey Deitz136





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2-Time Champions

Mickey Deitz

Jim Jeffcoat

Brian Smith

Justin Haskins

Ed Smith


Jim Jeffcoat

Matawan's 1979 District Champion, Jim Jeffcoat, played in the NFL for 15 seasons. He won 3 Super Bowls as a member of the Dallas Cowboys where he later served as the teams' defensive ends coach under Bill Parcells.

Jeffcoat would also serve as a coach in the Arena Football League, the XFL, and the NCAA level, working for coaches such as Steve Spurrier and Bob Stoops.