Shore Conference Wrestling


1999Mark Worthy145
1998Mark Worthy140
1997Maurice Worthy160
1996Mark Worthy112
1996Maurice Worthy152
1985Darnell Myers189
Year2nd PlaceWgt.
1988Matt ParksHwt
Year3rd PlaceWgt.
2011Kalyph Hardy160
2007Nick Tenpenny189
1979Glenn Kelly101
1979Al Aires135
Year4th PlaceWgt.
2006Nick Weaver152
2005Nick Weaver140
1997Mark Worthy125
1973Mike Baeli98
1968Alan Hess123
Year5th PlaceWgt.
1995Maurice Worthy142
1991Bill Coates189
Year8th PlaceWgt.
2012Jalen Ramos126
Maurice Worthy
2-Time Champion

4-Year Letterman at Army

2001 NCAA All-American

2001 EIWA Champion

Army Wrestling Team Captain

2-Time Mike Natvig Award Winner as Most Outstanding Wrestler at Army

2-Time State Champion

3-Time State Medalist

3-Time Region Champ

4-Time District Champ

124 Career Wins

JSIWA Hall of Fame

Mark Worthy
3-Time Champion

Wrestled Collegiately at Oklahoma

1999 Wrestling USA All-American

3-Time State Champ

4-Time State Placer

4- Time Region Champ

4-Time District Champ

128 Career Wins

JSIWA Hall Of Fame